Bahrain Insurance Association (BIA) held its Annual General meeting (AGM) for the financial year ended 31st December 2020. The meeting was attended by representatives from Central Bank of Bahrain, senior executives from Insurance companies, and external auditors.

During the meeting, the BIA has reviewed and approved the previous General Assembly Meeting minutes, approved the financial statements for the financial year ended 31st December 2020, reviewed and discussed the auditor’s report along with the Board of Directors’ report for the financial year ended 31st December 2020. The external auditors were reappointed, and new Board of Directors for the term 2021-2022 were elected, which are the following ladies and gentlemen: Jawad Mohammed, Dr Abdulla Sultan, Adham El-Muezzin, Eman Mujali, Jonathan Jane, Kahlid Al Shaikh, Essam Al Ansari, Younis Jamal, and Maysa Khooheji

Members of the insurance sector represented their full support to the association’s new Board of Directors towards achieving the goals of the association while representing the insurance sector and supporting the national efforts to elevate this sector which is a fundamental pillar to the national economy.
After the closure of the AGM, the Board of Directors held its 1st meeting and elected Mr. Jawad Mohammed, as the Chairman of the association, Dr Abdulla Sultan as the Vice Chairman, Mr. Khalid Al Shaikh as the Treasurer, and Mr. Yaser Al Hammadi as the Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Before concluding the Board of Directors meeting, Mr. Jawad Mohammed, Chairman of the Insurance Association shed light on the increase of female representation in the newly elected Board, which is in line with the national strategic objective of the increasing women representation, and encouraging them to play a higher and vital leadership role in Board of Directors.

Mr. Jawad Mohammed, also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Central Bank of Bahrain for its continuous support to the insurance sector, to all members of the Association, and to the previous Board of Directors for their effective contribution and wishing success to the new Board in working together in presenting the interest of the insurance industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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